when british people say “maths” i laugh because thats fucking stupid

when american’s campaign against universal healthcare britain laughs because thats fucking stupid


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So everybody know about the CTH thing going on. Cool, Geoff apologised, that’s great, so why do people expect another one from Gavin? Yes he was part of it and did it, but he doesn’t need to apologise. Geoff was speaking on behalf of both of them, Is one more apology that isn’t needed really going to stop people from talking about it more?

what about the used game fee?

I don’t mind that, because they have already announced that the used game industry like GameStop will still work by buying a code to play it, but it won’t affect me as I don’t buy used games anyway. I don’t borrow games as well. But I am a small minority on the subject. I still think people will just get used to it over time.

what do you guy think of the xbox one? love it, hate it?

I myself love it because I have the patience to wait for E3 to roll around and for them to show awesome games. I also like Kinect and using voice commands. I also love the interface and the look of the console doesn’t look bad (looks kinda sleek) and its as small as a Xbox Elite which isn’t big at all. All in all, I am going to buy this and don’t see what’s wrong with it.